Monday, July 3, 2023

Overrated “Motivation”

“Motivation,” I think, is a perfect topic to talk about today, as I have not written anything here for several years! Yes, it was my bad. I was not motivated and was so lazy.

Many people rely on motivation to explain what they do and don't do. Phrases like “I need motivation to do...,” “I did not do it because I was not motivated,” and “If I had more motivation, I'd do...” are very familiar, aren't they? We tend to value “motivation” as the driving force behind our actions.

Of course, I would not deny that. With strong motivation, we become more effective and efficient in doing what we are supposed to do. We feel more excited about it and get it done more quickly. However, if we rely too heavily on our motivation, it won't always be helpful. We are not powerless creatures controlled by motivation. 

What is truly important is to shift our mindset and view motivation as an optional boost: We expect ourselves to take action regardless of our level of motivation. We can appreciate good motivation if we have it, but we shouldn't depend on it entirely. We can still accomplish tasks as if motivation is not a necessary factor. By adopting this framework, we can free ourselves from the burden of motivation and simply appreciate it if and when it arises.

The bottom line today is that we may want to avoid overrating and depending too much on our motivation. If we let go of the expectation, all we have is the appreciation of motivation when we experience it, rather than treating it as a requirement we constantly wait for or seek. Just take action, and the sense of accomplishment will bring you satisfaction and possibly even fuel future motivation. Today, I pushed myself to write and upload this article, and I feel good now.

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