Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Keynote Speaker: Self-Care and Stress Management

Last week, I wrote that I was invited to give a workshop at the Victim Advocacy Institute Conference. Coincidentally, I was also invited to be the Keynote Speaker for the Waymakers’ annual All-Staff Training Day yesterday. Because I like them, I was honored to be there to talk with over 100 staff members about Self-Care and Stress Management. Yes, it is an important topic and I care about it a lot. I hope I can post some articles about it here in future.

Anyhow, the audience was great. They responded to my jokes and silly comments and laughed a lot! Getting people to laugh is already a big achievement (particularly for a serious and boring Asian male, right?) and they were attentive with good participation. I thank them for that a lot!

That's the podium! 
Also, it was my very fist time to step inside a Dave and Buster’s. I had no clue that Dave and Buster’s has rooms for conferences and events. Did you?? It was interesting that I made speech at Dave and Buster’s.

Friday, February 7, 2020

A Workshop at Victim Advocacy Institute

Hi there. It has been a while since I made a post… Yes, I am lazy in general, but at this time, I also had to fly back to Japan as my father was sick and passed away… Now I am back on my routine, and I would like to continue to share with you.

Today, I just wanted to share that I was invited to provide a workshop at the Victim Advocacy Institute this last Wednesday. This big conference was presented by the California Crime Victims Assistance Association (CCVAA) and Waymakers to further victim advocates’ education and skill development regarding various kinds of crime, and issues relevant to the field of advocacy in victim services.

I have known Waymakers for years and their great support for victims of crime, such as sexual assaults, and I have always been grateful for what they do. You cannot imagine how hard it is to work in this field, and the staff members are so nice and dedicated! That’s why I was willing to provide 3 hours (!) training for this conference when I was asked to, and it was very rewarding…

If you know anyone who is or becomes a victim of crime, check out their website to see if s/he can receive some support from Waymakers. There are a lot of resources out there that people don’t know about that can be really helpful!

Thank you for the card and for your hard work!! :)