A Message from Dr. Riichiro Miwa 

    *Sorry, Dr. Miwa no longer takes new clients

Are you looking to become a better, happier, and healthier person? Are you hoping to gain a deeper understanding and love for yourself and others?

Psychotherapy includes improving the quality of your life, self-guidance, and/or managing more serious issues such as depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. As an experienced psychologist, I help you achieve these goals.

We attain your Emotional Alignment, and look at and face Truth in You. It may sound a little bit scary and challenging, but together, we can do it. You will fully be authentic to yourself and experience real joy in your life!

Or if you are healthy and functioning well with your life but still want to be better,  my Life Coaching helps you achieve particular goals and better outcomes in the areas of: relationships, communication, dating, physical appearance, sex, diet, exercise, budgeting, parenting, test-taking, and more!

I have been educated and trained in both the US and Japan; therefore, I offer my services in a culturally sensitive manner in English and/or Japanese.  My main focus is YOU, and we will find what's best for you, as a unique and valuable individual, using realistic and reasonable approaches.

Check out my blog to understand my values and beliefs more.

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