Address and Contact Information:

Dr. Riichiro Miwa Psychological Services
4540 Campus Dr, Suite 146
Newport Beach
Orange County, CA
(310) 933-6281(Dr. Miwa)

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Please Note: Please schedule an appointment ahead of time.

You can call Dr. Miwa for a 15 minutes free phone consultation in English or Japanese on his confidential direct line at (310) 933-6281.

Or contact Dr. Miwa by filling out the form below or by emailing him directly at

For Dr. Alison Ahn, please call her on her confidential direct line at 949-345-1073 or email her at

For Dr. Leeanne Marquez, please call her on her confidential direct line at (949) 478-2324 or email her at

For our Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Sharon Hou, please call her confidential direct line at 949-415-6258 or email at

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Getting to the office building:

An important thing to be aware of is that you can’t turn left into 4540 Campus Dr. when coming west-bound from MacArthur Blvd because there is a median running along the center of Campus Drive.  So if that is the direction that you will be coming from, then you need to drive past and then make a U-turn at Dove St.

When coming eastbound on Campus Dr. towards my office, keep an eye out for the O.C. Executive Transport Limousine service; 4540 Campus Dr. is right after that. Another thing to look for is this leasing sign which is in front.
Look for the leasing sign to know you have arrived

Once you get to 4540 Campus Dr., come to the building at the back by taking the driveway on the right side of the building at the front. You will see the building where my office is right in front of you as you drive down to the back.

Go past the building in front
to the building at the back.

There is usually plenty of open parking. All parking is free. You can park in front of or to the side of the building in front too if necessary.

When you park your car, please go to the reception area in the main building in front and register your car information.

The front of Dr Riichiro Miwa Psychological Services in Newport Beach near John Wayne Airport
The front of Dr Riichiro Miwa Psychological Services
in Newport Beach near John Wayne Airport

When you open the door of the back building, you will see a small foyer and if you are a little early you can just relax in one of the chairs while waiting for your appointment. Usually nobody is around and you can enjoy some peace and quiet before your appointment.

My consulting room is the second on the right and you’ll see my name by the door. I like the space because it feels like a little private getaway; it makes you feel like you are in a special place for your allocated time, separated from your busy daily life.

Although the building is not one of the glitzy glass towers that can be found around this part of Newport Beach and Irvine, it is secluded, cozy and relaxing, and you won’t be bothered by noise of the airplanes once you’re inside.

Note that there are separate men’s and women’s restrooms available right by my room and also I have water available for you if you need it.

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