Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Additional Miniatures!

Last time, I posted about my new and great therapeutic tool, Sand Tray and its Miniatures. I somehow wanted to have a few more essential ones, and I got them! I will introduce the new members today.

This is the first group. Fairy tail characters. We have read a lot of stories and they are really great to represent people in our life! I hope my clients love them.

By the way, it is so interesting that they look like they are posing together, as if they are a performance group or something like that, although I did not intend to display them that way! :)

The second group is venomous creatures. Creepy? Yes, they could be. But we do have toxic people and experiences in our life, and I thought they are needed to be available options. I'm pretty happy that they joined us.

These two groups above were the ones I wanted to add to the whole miniature set, but I also happened to find this very small perfume container at home, which appeared quite interesting. Anything that stimulates our imaginations, creativity, and associations is great. Therefore, I added this one as well.

Some of my clients have already expressed themselves amazingly well through the sand tray. I love it.

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