Monday, November 30, 2015

The Power of appreciation

I know, I know… I DO know that it is a cliché and I hate writing about what everyone already knows. But this time, I would like to write about the power of appreciation. Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, so it may be good timing.

Seriously speaking, your life can instantly become much better once you start to consciously appreciate what you have got in your daily life. It may sound cheesy, and I know it does, however, it is just really true. People who disbelieve what I am writing about here are unlikely to have tried it yet. Therefore, I would say just try it for 3 days, then complain to me if it didn’t do anything for you.

What to do? It’s super-simple. Intentionally try to find anything you can feel grateful for in your daily life. Any tiny thing you can find. Just pay attention to such minute stuff and experience genuine gratitude toward it for a few moments. We are naturally so inclined to think of and complain about what we don’t have or small things that irritate us, that it actually requires a little conscious effort to think of the good things we do have.

For example, you had a sound sleep, the sun is shining in your window, a bird is visiting your yard, breakfast was tasty, your spouse kissed you, traffic was better, a coworker greeted you with a nice smile, you were able to concentrate on your work in the morning, a waiter was nice to you, the toilet smelled nicer, etc. etc…Anything! Just focus on things you can appreciate, and be grateful. So simple, but we usually don’t do as much as we could.

One warning is that I am not encouraging you to force yourself to feel grateful for something when in fact you don’t actually feel that way. As I wrote before, we don’t want to fake or force our emotions in any way. If you hate your customer who unreasonably complained about your service, for example, you don’t want to appreciate her or the experience at all. That’s not what I am talking about. At the same time, however, you can still thank your colleague who supported you and/or your patience which helped you handle the situation professionally. That’s genuine gratitude and that works.

Again, I am talking about such a very simple concept today but I do feel you can get a lot of benefit from it, and I just cannot help talking about it today. Seriously, just give it a shot, as if it’s a game even if that what it takes to get you going. Let’s see what you experience after this.

Have fun!

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